Microfinance ERP

Microfinance Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

Great software serving over 60 Microfinance Institution around the word. The Microfinance ERP delivers Agility, Scalability, and Productivity to modern Microfinance institutions by closely automating all roles and function within the institutions.

microfinance erp dashboard
microfinance erp dashboard

MicrofinaceERP has been central in assisting MFIs in enforcing service charters in their operations.

Some of key functionality within MicrofinanceERP include:

Administration Module

Special login credentials provide access to the administration module. Administrative module allows setting of global settings including Organization details, creating roles, users and assigning rules or permissions to the roles.

organization setup
organization setup

Monitoring user activities through the read only audit log.

System Settings including default bank, currency, exchange rates, default GL accounts for various payments.


Administration module also provides Loan Product Configuring feature under Loan settings.



KYC –Know Your Client Registration Module

Allow capture of Client bio data, area of residence, next of kin details, and social economics data. In addition to the data the module allows capturing of scanned documents like passport photos, signature specimens among others.


Payment/ Contribution Module

Module specifically designed to receive payments against any client account – savings account, loan repayment account among others.

The module generates a receipt after the transaction; optionally the module sends an SMS notification to the client.



Allows Institutions/ MFIs to receive third party incomes; third party incomes are incomes generated by other activities apart from clients account activities.



Allow institutions to record expense transactions and generate necessary reports.


Finance Module

Finance module allows institutions to perform other bookkeeping activities that may not be captured through clients’ transactions including:

  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Budgeting
  • Issue Cheques
  • Clear Cheques
  • Add Creditors/Debtors transactions
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation Calculations

In addition to the bookkeeping activities, the module also generates real-time financial reporting.

Financial Reporting include some of the following standard reports among others.

  • Cashbook – all cash and bank transactions
  • Journals – Listing of all the transactions
  • Income Statement- Receipts vs payments and net of the two.
  • Trial Balance Report – Financial Balances for all the accounts
  • Balance sheet – Financial Position of the Institution

Messenger Module

Allow institutions to schedule SMS campaign to their clients or leads.


Reports/Statements/Custom Reports

Reporting for data captured and processed through the MicrofinanceERP.